Shams Jewellery

Afghan jewelry is distinctive in its use of wrought silver, turquoise gems, twinkling coins, and beautifully welded craftmanship is rare and not found anywhere else in the world. Afghan jewelry is based on various tribes, such as Pashtun, Uzbek, Turkmen, and Hazara; each have their own distinctive style of jewelry, showcasing their history and heritage in every piece. The jewelry, though locally made, is so beautiful and original that the use of each tribe’s style of adornment is now not limited to that tribe alone. Individuals who travel through the country or who come to Afghanistan then go back to their homes elsewhere in the world, take pieces of these distinctive jewelry with them. However, these products are not mass produced and readily available. Quality jewelry from Afghanistan is still rare and sometimes difficult to find. Mohammad Rasool Shams owns Shams Jewelry, based in Kabul. He has led his shop for 47 years and gained a great deal of knowledge on traditional Afghan jewelry, first working for his grandfather and now teaching his son. To carry on his family’s work and preserve their heritage, Rasool’s son Sifatullah joined work in the shop at an early age, believing that his father and grandfather’s heritage deserves preserving. Shams Jewelry has preserved the traditional style of Afghan jewelry including necklaces, forehead pieces, rings, bracelets, earrings and many more. He uses local Afghan turquoise known for its high quality. Each piece is hand crafted and original, no mass production involved. Shams and his son attend cultural exhibitions at centers and embassies in Afghanistan to educate people about Afghan jewelry and its important distinctions from the country’s various tribes. Shams has met with local success in Afghanistan and is ready to expand his market internationally. Aseel is proud to partner with a shop of such high quality and beautiful craftsmanship. We promise originality; every piece you buy with us will not only have a unique Afghan style to it, but that you will not be able to find the same thing anywhere else.