The Aseel Process

We use innovative methods to deliver our authentic products from all parts of the global supply chain right to your doorstep. From Aseel, you can expect speedy-delivery, fragile handling and low costs. Because we believe in transparency in all things, below is a short explanation of how we source, partner on, store, and ship our products to you.


Following some initial research, our teams deploy to remote areas where our products are from. We are more than just an e-commerce company, so we want to be sure to understand the rich cultures our products come from and the stories our vendors have to tell; so that you can understand too. The team sources products from prospective vendors and shares them with the entire Aseel team for thorough market research, legal details, and commercial aspects of proposed operations.
E.g. We went to Herat Province of Afghanistan for Sourcing.


We partner with local artisans and merchants, so they can expand their business globally and we can add a culture-rich, handcrafted product(s) to our Aseel inventory. In keeping with our priority of transparency, we provide supporting documents such as memos of understanding (MOUs) and operational guidance documents so they partner can learn about the global business aspect of our operation. For months, we work with the partner to understand their product and propose improvements to the partners’ operations.
E.g. We partnered with a local producer of hand blown glasses.

Product Handling

In ASEEL’s operating countries, we open warehouses that help the local partners to be ready to enter the global market. We have systems in place to tracks the shipments throughout the supply chain. In most cases, a product goes through at least 7 destination countries before it reaches you. And for full transparency, we want to assure not just our partners but you that the products are being handled efficiently and with care.
E.g. Hand-blown glasses were packed keeping fragility in mind (Herat-East Coast – shipped)


At the last point of Aseel’s global process, the product purchased thousands of miles away from you is sold online with the most competitive prices. Our financial model is designed as such that we provide cash to the local partners to avoid liquidity for their business. This allows us to help partners grow their business while still giving you with the most authentic products at the best prices.
E.g. Herat made hand-blown glasses sold all over the world with ASEEL.