Mehr Art Studio

Fakhria Nezami was born in Pakistan where she completed her primary school education. When the Taliban’s regime collapsed in 2001, she returned to her native home in Afghanistan to continue her education. Interested in art, she decided to join the Turquoise Mountain Institute where she studied calligraphy, illumination (Islamic design), and miniature painting from 2010 to 2013. Throughout her studies, she realized not only did she have a talent for this art, but she could express her heritage and culture through these skill-intensive crafts. During her initial studies, she began to exhibit her art in Afghanistan and abroad.

Fakhria graduated from the Turquoise Mountain Institute with top marks. On the completion of her degree she took up a teaching role at the institute. She then successfully enrolled in the Graphic Design Department of Kabul University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, graduating in 2018. In addition to her university studies, Nezami entered international art festivals and competitions. In 2015, she won third place in the Islamic Arts Festival in Tabriz, Iran, with contestants from over twenty-five countries. Nezami also participated in several exhibitions in Islamic art museums in Doha, Turkey, Algeria, and Dubai. Her education and work experience speak to a deep passion for her art that she not only maintains but continues to develop.

Nezami’s commitment to her artistic development has led her to set up and run her own business, Mehr Art Studio, where she employs five artists. The business produces miniature paintings, calligraphy, jewelry pieces which she sells in national markets. Using her training and experience, Nezami has also developed a series of miniature painting workshops which she delivers to the international and donor communities across various UN compounds and embassies in Kabul. In this way she is working to share her art with her country and revive the skill-intensive tradition that her style of art requires.

Nezami’s art is finely crafted, made painstakingly with precision and infused with Afghan tradition. With every piece of art, Mehr Art Studio preserves Afghanistan’s rich cultural heritage. And Nezami’s classes presenting that knowledge worldwide, empowering Afghan women by providing them valuable and marketable skills. Awal company supports Mehr Art Studio and is using its platform to connect her business to larger international markets.