Life Skills Industrial Company

The story is about Zahra Kazemi who had her handcrafting business back in times of Taliban regime. Running a business by a woman in those tough times was really challenging which she survived her business for about two years and finally her business was winded up and destroyed by Taliban. She immigrated to Pakistan and got married there.

After working for four years at home getting orders, she moved back to Afghanistan. Mary Mag Mcken supported her in getting a contract of Canada for making small size rugs (Qaleencha) where she hired 50 women, the very first women in Bamyan who stepped forward in becoming independent and supportive to their families. Till 2013 she was operating her business in a small metal container doing embroidery.

She got her official business license in 2013, decided to expand her business staff to 200 women after getting their families permission and Imams’ of Mosques. Eventually, the number of workers increased to 400, operating in four districts of Bamyan (Panjaw, Waras, Kawland, Sheebar), places where deliveries and distribution was happening by animals.

Life skills Industrial Company offers the services of Embroidery and its related connected fields. The finished goods involves Vest Coat, Coat, Laptop Backpacks, Shoes, Sandal and many others made of natural and pure raw materials. The main objective of Zahra Kazemi was to provide the opportunity for those Illiterate women, Orphans, skilled women who were depressed of life and those who were living in caves, to work and get independent. Aseel Support Life skills industrial Company in providing them the gateway to enter international markets.