Le Monde Couleur

(Le Monde Couleur (LMC) is one of those rare brands that tested the international waters before launching in Afghanistan.


LMC launched by Mussadiq Seddiq in Kabul to make a new mixture of Afghan traditional design and modern design from Afghanistan’s many traditions which reflect the diverse cultures represented within its borders.


LMC is a completely homegrown brand from AFGHANISTAN Industries which has diversified into related fields like textiles, yarn dyeing and retailing. So how easy or difficult is it to make in Afghanistan?

In Afghanistan, we have advantages like ease of employment and abundance of natural resources for apparel and textiles manufacturing that act as a catalyst to the concept of making in Afghanistan.

Mussadiq aspired to create a brand which embodied passion, creativity and youthfulness. The brand commenced with the launch of colorful t-shirt and coat, and it aimed and confined itself to targeting young audience.


 LMC have about ten local families from provinces like Bamian, Ghazni, Kunduz, Mazar-e-Shareef, Takhar and some others. They are supplying the vintage materials and organic colors and we are currently working with 3 companies in Spain, Turkey and Afghanistan that have over 50 workers working for LMC. It’s like a super coordination of figuring out how they can invests to raise and the wages that is paid in the most sufficient and sustainable way.


LMC is on an expansion spree. Expansion of LMC branches to Afghanistan major cities. Creating working opportunities to women and making partnership to world reputable brands.