Clothing – LAMAN

Founded in 2015- Laman is a leading Afghan-led fashion label; envisions re-discovering, the ‘almost forgotten’ ethnic traditional handicrafts such as embroidery, and mainly produced by women who have inherited the skills over generations. The style and material vary from region to region and family to family. Combining these with a new pattern and material and designs. Laman is opening a new avenue for Afghan fashion into the modern world.

While promoting local arts, we are focused to contribute and revive our cultural heritage. We seek to empower by creating opportunities and beautiful garments that speak well of our new narratives. We offer customized services to connect with our customers and better understand their preferences.

Our work reflects on the values we hold as a authentic brand Afghan. “Quality over quantity, customer trust and connection over sells.” Laman seasonal collections are attractive to the audience both online and online, and have brought massive impact in Afghan Fashion industry today. We take pride in the legacy we set for the world to follow and a taste of an Afghan product with its own essence created my Afghans themselves. As innovators, we strongly believe in creative leadership and creating beyond boarders. We hold our trust in beautiful hands of women Embroiderers and creative powers of especially women who carry out %70 of professional our work.