Hands Against Poverty

There are One Billion people living in extreme poverty, people who live on less than $2 a day.

Our mission is to inspire the current generation to understand that change is easy. The products you consume on a daily basis can have an impact if you buy them directly from underdeveloped countries where hardworking women and youth in turn can be empowered to grow their business and assist their communities to get out of extreme poverty.

What you consume can end extreme poverty.

We've seen extreme poverty halved in just 15 years.
15 more and we can end it for good.

Women and youth in Afghanistan (our first country of operations) have taken the initiative to use their hands to make something, Aseel assists them by shipping the products worldwide, would you take the choice to buy from them?

Our first mission is to get 10,000 people out of poverty in Afghanistan. More than 50% of Afghanistan lives in poverty right now.

Mehr Art Studio – A group of 12 women in Kabul finely crafts artwork, painstakingly with precision and infused with Afghan tradition.

Masooda Sherdil Kohistani established a company with her all-women team focusing on handmade lapis jewelry. 

Afghan women in bamiyan: The women weavers of Bamian come from all over Bamian province, they get paid 4$ a day to do make embroidery with their hands. The embroidery is native to this area and can be used in all kinds of wearables.

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