Golden wood production

Located in Murad Khani, Kabul, Golden Wood Production hand crafts unique woodworks. Currently heading the production shop, Mustafa Mossi Ahmadipoor previously trained for three years at the Turquoise Mountain program. After graduating, he started his business with only three employees. Now his shop has ten people working with him to produce his works. 
The name, Golden Wood, comes from how the finished wood appears golden, giving it an elegant veneer. Golden Wood Production uses varnished oak. The wood coming from the northeastern part of Afghanistan known for its majestic forests. Using the locally sourced wood, the shop produces handmade jewelry boxes, doors, bookshelves, tables, and many other kinds of decoration and furniture. All of Golden Wood’s products are beautiful and cannot be found anywhere else.  
Mr. Mustafa has shown a great deal of interest in partnering with Aseel. His shop crafts unique, handmade products and wishes for them to access international markets. They are wonderful quality, locally sourced, and imbued with tradition. Mustafa also wishes to expand the job opportunities for people in his shop as well as being in others from his community. He hopes that the partnership will create those opportunities. Find Golden Wood Production’s amazing, handmade woodworks through Aseel.