Artwork – Dayria-e-khyal

Dayria e Khyal is a community of artists based in Kart-e-Seh area of Kabul led by the prominent Afghan artist; Zia Forogh. The art community brings artists of different styles and works together under a platform to collaborate and learn together.

Our first visit to Dayria-e-Khyal, we met with multiple art teachers and a group of Afghan women who were learning basic sketching and color patterns. The open and creative environment where both male and female students sat together and practiced different kinds of artwork was a pleasant experience for our team. The focus of our work with Dayria-e-Khyal focuses in 3 areas – Realism in order to portray the Afghan culture and daily life in different parts of Afghanistan. Abstract artwork from different artists in an attempt to portray the struggles of these artists and the general population in a much beautiful form for the rest of the world to connect to it. Lastly, the beautiful calligraphy forms of Afghanistan that are world-famous and have a long heritage in forms such as Sia Mashq and other traditional formats.

Zia Forogh is one of the prominent Afghanistan artists currently an active lecturer in Kabul University Art division, Zia has been an active part of the Afghan artists community throughout the last 13 years. Furthermore, He has organized a bunch of joint and individual exhibitions in different universities throughout Afghanistan and is acknowledged for his art with a few exhibitions internationally in Santa Fe, Dubai, and Melbourne.

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